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National Poetry Month – One Poem a Day Challenge

As some of you may know, tomorrow officially launches National Poetry Month around this country. And to celebrate as well as encourage those of you whose pens and pads have gathered dust from non-use, we at INKpals are asking you to participate in our One Poem a Day Challenge.

Now, the poem does not necessarily have to be a long poem nor does it have to be a finished poem. You can write however much you feel will accomplish the goal. ( a haiku would suffice.) However, we recommend you at least try to write one everyday. And when you are not writing, we suggest you read poetry. The point is to get you writing again and to get the ink flowing back on the page.

To help you along, we will post a new theme to write about for the day. And if all goes well, you will have more than enough poetry in your notebook to impress even the most hesitant of poetry lovers.  We ask  you not to post your poems on the blog because it is not about posting poems but rather about writing them and about the exchange of ideas. We would love to but the intent of this blog is to serve as a resource tool and not a publishing tool. Besides, we  want to make sure you keep your publishing options so you can easily publish your work in the future without any complications. Sound good?

So, feel free to share your thoughts and progress throughout this month and talk about the challenges you face along the way and how you overcome them. If you have any themes or exercises that you think would be helpful, let us know and we may feature it as the theme or assignment of the day. Feel free to also ask for a swift nudge if you find that you are stuck so we all can help each other push through.

If you are up for the challenge, simply go to the assignment for the day and begin. Don’t worry if you miss a day because you can always click on the calendar date that you miss to get the assignment. Again, we don’t want you to post your poems daily but we do want you to post a line or two just to let us know how you are progressing in your pursuits.

Your inkpal,


“Support the written word and literacy.”

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Enzo Silon Surin on March 31st 2009 in National Poetry Month

Get INKed: How to be an INKpal

Enzo Surin INK Literacy Initiative: INKpals

Enzo Surin INK Literacy Initiative: INKpals

Participation in this initiative is very simple. You have to be a teacher or a poet who whole-heartedly believes poetry can be used as a meaningful tool in increasing literacy. We are providing these resources free of charge and all we ask is that you are willing to share your own resources free of charge.

In fact, that’s the way INKpals works. You can send in your assignments for approval and I will post them on here for everyone else to use. You are free to use any assignments on here as well to benefit your lessons.

We also ask that you pass on the word to your fellow teachers and poets so we can take illiteracy head on and defeat it.

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Enzo Silon Surin on March 3rd 2009 in News & Updates