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Enzo Silon Surin is a Haitian-born poet, writer, playwright, speaker, social advocate and the author of Higher Ground (Finishing Line Press, 2006), a collection of poems on urban renewal, which was nominated for the Massachusetts Book Award. He is also the author of A Different Kind of Love, an eBook of inspirational writing. Enzo’s poems have also appeared in Reverie: Midwest African American Literature, Freshwater, The Caribbean Writer, Soundings East, Pine Island Journal of New England Poetry, Red River Review, Poetry Magazine, among other literary journals.

Surin lives in Massachusetts, where he founded and heads the literacy initiative INKp.a.l.s, a project aimed at using poetry as a tool to increase literacy and affect social change. He also co-founded and serves as editor of The Bunker Hill Bridge: a literary journal of Bunker Hill Community College. Surin is an inspirational and active speaker, drawing on his personal triumphant story to encourage and empower, discussing topics such as education, class, race and urban renewal.

When he is not writing poetry, Surin is penning and directing original plays that seek to encourage and empower lives through the use of the Written Word. As a playwright, he has seen his plays performed locally and have impacted both the young and the old. Surin, who lives in Boston with his Beagle, Cassius and his Maltese-mix Louie, looks to continue his involvement with literacy and social advocacy efforts in the inner city.

what drives us

We, at INKpals, are very concerned about the literacy rate in our inner cities and are committed to increasing awareness and resources to battle illiteracy. The goal is not only to increase the rate of literacy for school age children and young adults but that also of their parents. It has been found that a literate parent in the home supporting and encouraging a child to read dramatically increases the literacy rate of that child.

Our Mission

In an effort to more intently engage elementary, high school and college at-risk students, including non-native English speakers, and help them grow more comfortable with reading and writing, the INK Poetry As Literacy (INKpals) Workshop series was born.

INKpals workshops represent collaboration between creative arts and curriculum based instruction. Two instructors who whole-heartedly believe poetry can be used as meaningful tool in increasing literacy will teach and learn how poetry can meet the goals and objectives of an English course (including developmental level courses) in the most effective and integrated manner possible. A visiting poet will be paired with an English Teacher/Professor to form a Learning Community and will work cooperatively. For example, instructors will use poems for many of the writing assignments, and both members will assess the writing assignments.

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